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Love them Anyway

I am reminded of an incident from Swami Chinmayanda’s life.

Swamiji was a great Spiritual Guru and Mentor of many.

Once an old couple visited Swamiji’s Ashram to attend a function. They used to visit Swamiji many a times and had opportunities to spend exclusive time with him.

On that occasion, the old man was alone conversing with Swamiji, as his wife was little away on some other work. The old man requested, “Swamiji why don’t you advice her. She is not keeping good health, but she wants to travel to all her children’s place at this age. She wants to go to Bangalore to see his first son and daughter in law and children She won’t stay there for long. She would come back and next week she wants to be with her daughter at Hyderabad. Please advice her Swamiji”

A few minutes later the wife had similar exclusive time with Swamiji as the husband was away on some other work. She complained, ”This man does not listen to even the doctor. He eats sweet more than the children. Wants to spend time more in front of the TV not allowing the kids to watch their favorite channel. Why do not you tell him Swamiji”

Both of them had a list of complaints against each other. Swamiji typically smiled and just said to both of them’ everything will be alright”

As the function ended everyone was leaving. Swamiji was surprised to see that the old couple were walking so close and holding the other as though they were just married.

Swamiji called them and asked them with a meaningful smile, ”…it is evident that both seem to love the other so much. But you had so many complaints against each other. “.“ ‘Because of what you love her?” he asked the old man. Who replied from the bottom of his heart, ’Swamiji, it is not because of, it is in spite of.“

Robert Schuller in his “tough times…” quotes a poem

“People are unraesonable, illogical and self-centered."

Love them anyway”

Unconditional Love is a reality.

After all as Allwyn Toffer put it, "The world is a friendly place"

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