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Focus on One thing at a time

An ambitious and restless shishya was getting impatient with his guru's style of teaching one lesson at a time. He wanted to learn everything quickly and reap the rewards of this learning quickly. He finally expressed his desire to complete his course quickly and move to the next phase of his life. The guru nodded his head and told him to come to him early next morning.

Next morning when the student arrived, he found the guru waiting for him near the chicken coop. He then let the chickens free and asked the student to catch them all in the next one hour . The student ran about trying to catch one and then the other and finally at the end of his hour got exhausted and sat down dejected as he had not been able to catch any.

Then the master told him, now I ask you to catch only the one with the ribbon round its neck. The student got up and despite all the other chickens running around him just went after the ribboned one and caught it with time to spare!. The master smiled and said,

"Focus is not our ability to stay attached to the 'one' but also the discipline to avoid the distractions of the 'ninety nine".

But does this story apply to us in the age of multitasking? There are many things that we want to achieve in our life, but the trick is to focus on the single most important goal at that time and work towards achieving it instead of running after many things at the same time and probably getting too exhausted to do justice to each.

Prioritise and Focus on one thing at a time - then there will be time for all the other things as well.... and if you do it right... you may still have time to spare!!

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