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Lessons and Morals through Stories

2009 January-February Issue

2009 March Issue

(3) How do you feel with your parents?
(4) Overtime Allowance

2009 April Issue

3) Do they actually need your help?
4) ரனாஸ்மி வீட்டு ரஹஸ்யங்கள்

2009 May Issue

The Un-cashed Cheque
With age comes wisdom
காஞ்சி மாமுனிவர்

2009 June Issue

life lessons to be learnt
need or want
sharpen your axe

2009 July Issue

Think Out Of Box
One thing at a time
Feelings Island
Father and Son

2009 August Issue

Amazing artwork
How you made them feel THE HOMECOMING
It is All New for Me
The blue ribbon's story
Old Man Divorce Magic
Think Before Act! Save Life!

2009 September Issue

Solve Life's Puzzles with the God Principle

2009 October Issue

Your Gift, Your Strengths!
The turtles
The Frogs
The Pretty Lady

2009 November Issue

ஸ்ரீ குருவாயூரப்பனுக்கே கொடு

2009 December Issue

Pleasure Book

2010 January Issue

Excellent story on Desires and Wants
The Fork - The best is yet to come
Renunciation or Attachment
The Seven Jars

2010 February Issue

Ant & Grasshopper

2010 March Issue

Flower and Pearl
how many people Dislike you
Confidence and Self esteem

2010 April Issue

Alexander's 10 questions to 10 brahmins
A nice story
Chicken story
Direct Call to Heaven
What is in a Name?
The Life Saving Question

2010 May Issue

The Diamond And The Dewdrop
A tale of three generations

2010 June Issue

The Weaver, the Princess and Goldman Sachs

August 2010 Issue

No one can hurt you
Happiness comes from giving

September 2010 Issue

Communication is very Important
What Do you Do All Day?

October 2010 Issue

The THREE Trees
இன்றைய பொழுது இனிய பொழுதாக

December 2010 Issue

January 2011 Issue

February 2011 Issue

March 2011 Issue

Tale of chapaties

April 2011 Issue

Rama Nama - Akbar Birbal story

May 2011 Issue

World War-I soldier

June 2011 Issue


July 2011 Issue

Be a part of the solution

September 2011 Issue

A true story of Mother's Sacrifice

October 2011 Issue

God is at WORK
This Too Shall Pass

December 2011 Issue

January 2012 Issue

February 2012 Issue

Lunch with God

May 2012 Issue

A Pound of Butter

June 2012 Issue

A True friend

August 2012 Issue

ஒருவன் குற்றவாளியாக காரணம் என்ன?

September 2012 Issue

Akbar-Birbal moral story
Life... and planning

October 2012 Issue

Fox and Lion

November 2012 Issue

திரு. கிருபானந்த வாரியார் சொன்ன ஒர் அரசியல் கதை

December 2012 Issue

Traffic jams as psychology lesson

January 2013 Issue

February 2013 Issue

Can we change our destiny
Why cant we all paint?

March 2013 Issue

April 2013 Issue

May 2013 Issue

The end of innocent self-less-ness..........:)

July 2013 Issue

மாத்திரை - 2 முடிவின் தொடக்கம்

September 2013 Issue

மாத்திரை 6 நான் இப்போது புனிதமானவன்

October 2013 Issue

That's Rahul G for you
மாத்திரை 7 கீதோபதேசம்
மாத்திரை 8 வாழ்க்கை வங்கியில் ஒரு அக்கௌண்ட்

November 2013 Issue

Week end story, lesson - 2 refresh old theory
மாத்திரை 9 - இழப்பு ஈடாகிறது
மாத்திரை 10 - ஆதலினால் பொறுமை காப்பீர்! <ப்ர்>

December 2013 Issue

எது அருமை? எதற்குப் பெருமை?
இ(எ)ன்றும் பொருந்தும்

January 2014 Issue

March 2014 Issue

April 2014 Issue

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