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Vishnu Sahasranamam

Courtesy: R. Vijayaragavan, Chennai

Lokakshemam - 100008 - Vishnu Sahasranam Parayanam

Traditional Wisdom team have come up with the idea on the basis of the solidarity shown by one and all who have registered with us.

28th December 2009, happens to be the Vaikunta Ekadasi, which is an auspicious day to chant and pray to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu through his viswa roopa dharshana has clearly communicated to us, that he is omnipresent in the very sense of the world. He is the earth, the planets in the solar system, the sun, the space pervading all these things, the next galaxy and the space beyond. He is Everything, Present Everywhere and Omni potent.

Vishnor nama sahasrasya vedavyaso mahamunih |
chandonustup tatha devo bhagavan devaki sutah ||

It is interesting to contemplate on the circumstances under which Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram came into existence. Yudhishthira, the eldest of the five Pandavas, was mentally depleted because of the war with the Kauravas and the misery of death and suffering that was created by the war in which he had been a major player. Bhishma, his dear grandfather, was lying on his deathbed. With his passing away, his irreplaceable wisdom, based on the experiences of his long life of virtue, righteousness and devotion, was about to be lost to the world. Sage Vyasa and Sri Krishna advised Yudhishthira, who himself was an epitome of righteousness and virtue, to seek the advice of Bhishma on any and all aspects of life on which he had any doubts. Yudhishthira did as advised, and a series of dialogs ensued between the two, witnessed by Lord Krishna Himself, and by other great sages including Vedavyasa.

In one of these sessions, Yudhishthira sought Bhishma's advice on the easiest and best means by which mankind can attain lasting happiness, peace of mind, and relief from all bondage and sorrows. This was the setting in which Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram was imparted, with the welfare of future generations also in mind, by Bhishma to Yudhishthira, as part of the advice given by Bhishma in response to the above question.

The importance of this sloka for Lokakshemam, need not be reiterated, it is a very well known, fact, countless instances in the existence of the human history have individually and collectively been benefited on chanting this sloka.

On the day of vaikunta ekadasi, we will all chant Vishnu Sahasranamam, so that the vibration of the sloka envelops the earth and vibrates the aura around, spreading peace and harmony.

As we all know, there are 360 longitudes (imaginary lines running from the north to the south pole), the longitudes are separated by 4 minutes. We will take the sun rise of India as the starting longitude and start chanting Vishnu sahasranamam, with the sun moving to every next longitude a new batch of Vishnu sahasranamam shall start, so, we will have 360 batches of Vishnu sahasranamam chanting, anybody who logs in from wherever on that particular day, can join a batch to chant Vishnu sahasranamam, within the next 3 minutes. And this shall go on till the sunrise on dwadasi, which is 29th of December 09. We propose to have totally chanted the mantra for 1 lakh and eight times.

Please pass around the message and register stating the batches that you will wish to join, your batch timing can be any fourth minute from 6 am on 26th December 09, Indian Standard Time.

Traditional Wisdom Team
Path to Enlightenment

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