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Seven Deadly Sins You should avoid


Wealth without work

This refers to getting something for nothing - manipulating markets assets so you do not have to work or produce added value. The share scams - Harshad Mehta, Enron, network marketing /pyramid marketing all are examples of this. Remember these do not carry on for long. It is against the natural law to get returns without paying for it. There is nothing called as free meal. It always strikes back and when it strikes back the person is doomed.

Pleasure without conscience

When somebody becomes greedy and excessively selfish only seeking his/her pleasure without worrying for the consequences it is time for doom. The nature strikes back. While cheating the spouses or neglecting the family and children to seek the pleasures is always going to rebound back. The aids, lifestyle diseases, pollutions, natural disasters are all the result of our excessive pleasure seeking without any care for others.

Knowledge without character

o A little knowledge is a dangerous thing but more dangerous is much knowledge without the strong principle character. This is all about our value system. Many a brilliant knowledgeable people have bitten dust because of this. The latest is Dr. A. Q. Khan - a brilliant nuclear scientist who hawked the nuclear bomb to the various countries like Iran without worrying about the implications. It is really a sad thing to see that a knowledgeable person is using his/her knowledge or learnings for ulterior motive. There are lot of examples of the brilliant people who have there reputation tarnished because of this. Starting from Bill Clinton to Hanse Cronje to Nick Leeson .. all were guilty and ultimately paid the price.

Commerce (business without morality)

The sole purpose of the commercial entity is not to make profit. o Today all the big corporate are much hated figures whether it is a Microsoft or Walmart. People feel something sinister about them. That is why companies which are perceived as conscious, possessing moral principles are much rewarded both by the customers and stakeholders. The companies like Wipro, Infosys or Google have a much higher market capitalization and Price to earning ratio than the similar corporations whose only business objective is profit maximization.

Science without Humanity

If the science become all technique and technology, it quickly degenerates into man against humanity. The development of all these advanced weapons instead of the resources being spent on fighting the disease, environment pollution or increasing the agricultural production to feed the millions…. Are all examples of this.

Political without principle

What a great nation has been reduced to - George Bush just played politics without any principle resulting. Similarly if anything can stop India from becoming a superpower it will be our politicians who will go out to any length to win elections or remain in the government or to spite rivals. " Religion without sacrifice o Religion calls for sacrifice and not the war cries. Take any religion while Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam or Christianity all of them have been built on the bedrock of sacrifices. You cannot claim yourself to be servant of God and go on fighting/beating killing people on the name of religion.

Adapted from the book "The Principled Centre Leadership" by Stephen Covey.

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