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Curlicue of our beautiful planet


I propose to look amazing photos from National Geographic, which reflect the intricate patterns of landscapes, beautiful planet.

1) snowy orchard in the United States. (Richard Olsenius) (Richard Olsenius)

2) The shadow of the aircraft at Lake Natron in Tanzania. The red color of the lake due to the presence of cyanobacteria living in the lake because of elevated levels of salt in the water. (George Steinmetz) (George Steinmetz)

3) Iceberg floating in the melt waters of the lake at the foot of the glacier Grinnel Glacier National Park (Glacier), Montana. (James Balog) (James Balog)

4) Flamingos fly at Lake Magadi in Kenya. (Robert Haas) (Robert Haas)

5) Trucks, sweep through the sand dunes in the desert of Al-Rub Al-Khali, also known as the Empty Quarter of the world, the Arabian Peninsula. (George Steinmetz) (George Steinmetz)

6) towering above the ground terraces in the northern part of Congo - possible signs of cultivable land in the distant past. (Michael Nichols) (Michael Nichols)

7) Sea ice most of the year covers the Arctic Ocean, the smallest of the oceans of the Earth,. (Norbert Rosing) (Norbert Rosing)

8) The cone of crumbled rock at the base of the slope in the National Park Wrangell-Saint Elias in Alaska. (Frans Lanting) (Frans Lanting)

9) Water flows in the National Park Wrangell-Saint Elias in Alaska. The largest among the National Park Service, Wrangell-Saint Elias is the largest concentration of glaciers in North America. (Frans Lanting) (Frans Lanting)

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