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20+40+60 = Excellence Unlimited

The other day I was watching the India – Australia one day match being played at Hyderabad. Sachin Tendulkar was in full flow scoring runs and hitting the Australians all over. I suddenly realized “Hey boy! This man is playing for the 20 long years!” Any player in the game, playing for that long and playing consistently well is certainly a very inspiring thing! His running between the wickets after scoring 100 was as fast as any young Indian cricketer. At 36 after 20 years in cricket how can he run so fast? His hunger for the runs is simply astonishing! There are many good things which have been said about Sachin Tendulkar and many more would be said. There were times when he was in a bad form and not so good things were said about him. There were times when stones were thrown at his house. This man has been resilient throughout and replied all the criticism through his bat. What it takes to be a champion? Why people like Sachin keep going where others just wear out?

My niece had come from Goa and when she is at home she controls the remote of the TV and also all of us!! That day when she switched on the TV, they were showing some clippings of the yet to be released movie "Pa" with Amitabh Bachchan (Big B) is doing a role of person whose is mental age does not grow.. "Pa" is being directed by R. Balakrishnan (The Cheeni Kum fame Balki). I am a huge fan of Big B and was brought up watching his movies. Those were the hostel days for us. Amitabh has been in the film industry for the last 40 years and has given remarkable performances. He too has seen many ups and downs on his way. He is still able to make an impact with his acting talent and his persona.

Director Prakash Mehra signed him for Zanjeer because a couple of other heroes in the film industry had turned down that role as there was no song picturised on the hero. AB was not considered a hero material by many directors as he was too tall and not a very good looking guy compared to the other heroes. (Think - Dharmendra, Vinod Khanna,Rajesh Khanna).

I still remember the day when we watched “Zanjeer” the very first time. It was early 70s. There is a sequence in the movie in which Pran comes to meet Amitabh in the Police Station. Amitabh the police officer kicks the chair and tells Pran “Jab tak kaha na jaye, sharafat se khade raho. Yeh Police Station hain tumhare bap ka ghar nahin” (Do not dare sit till you are told, this is a Police Station and not your own house).

In ‘Deewar’ there is a sequence in which Amitabh is sitting in a godown waiting for the gangsters to come. Smoking a beedi. As the gangsters come in the godown he moves the beedi in his mouth for a while and throws it away and says “Peter....... .... his baritone voice still rings in my ear and I distinctly remember that he is wearing khakis and the blue shirt. This scene is simply marvelous.

Till the time Zanjeer was released we were all used to watching the romantic Rajesh Khanna! Amitabh came like a cyclone! And is still around! 40 years of celebration of Big B.

The other day Film Maker Madhur Bhandarkar who recently recorded a song with Lata Mangeshkar for his recently released movie “Jail” was being interviewed. He was sharing his experience of working with her. He recorded one song with her for that movie. He said” Lataji did not show any hesitation if she was asked to repeat a few lines again and again. She was in the recording studio till such time the song was recorded to the satisfaction of the composer. After the song was recorded she kept asking “Are you happy with my singing?” By the way Lata never questions the composer if he/she asks her to repeat the song or a stanza. She does it patiently and willingly. She feels that ultimately the music composer has to be happy with her singing. Lata Mangeshkar is singing for the last 60 years! When she came to the film industry 60 years ago her voice was considered too thin as a playback for the heroins of yesteryears. Imagine that was the era of the great Noorjahan!!

20 years of Sachin, 40 years of Amitji and 60 years of Lata didi speak volumes of their hard work dedication and commitment, apart from the talent they are gifted with. Through this contribution, I do not intend to have debate like “That is fine Makarand, but because of Cricket other games are not getting attention! Or why did Sachin did not pay his duty for the imported Ferrari? Why did Amitabh buy a land in up as a farmer or why did Lata oppose Pedder Road Flyover? Or why these superstars not doing enough charity?

Neither I want to say that Sachin, Amitji and Lata Didi are the best in their fields because this would lead to a debate. Someone would say actor X is better than Amitabh. Or singer Y is better than Lata.

I just want to salute the excellence!!

They are ultimately human beings and not Gods! And all their words and deeds may not be perfect. These people have been great achievers and have inspired me! Bus itni baat kehni thi!!

Best Regards


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