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A voice of criticism from a very young age

Courtesy: Stalin, Project Director, Essar Project Management Consultants Ltd.

Self Esteem

Almost everyone of us has heard a voice of criticism from a very young age. It is a voice, which echoes through our whole life, and unless we become consciously aware of it, and decide not to listen to it, it will be an important reason why your self esteem never recovers from those first blows. Our parents are critical and have a deep and lasting effect on our self image and self belief. It could have been anything negative “You’re not very good….you can’t….you are always…you are never able….you are useless at that”.

Parents are our Gods during those early years, and Gods speak the truth. So we believe them, and not only shape our self image around what they tell us about ourselves, but their voices remain in our heads, in our subconscious minds for years to come. This is how our sense of our own inner beauty never gets a chance to form. But that was ‘then’, and this is ‘now’. ‘Then’ cannot be changed, but ‘now’ can be transformed (changed).

Have the courage to remove those voices from your head, and set yourself free. That does not mean struggling with them and conquering them. It means politely disagreeing with them and replacing them. Start from where you are and accept yourself. Accept where you are now, accept what you feel right now. This is the beginning of quietly rebuilding your self image and self belief. Realise you are now your own parent and begin to talk to yourself in accepting, loving and gentle ways. It may sound strange at first, but keep going, and you will be amazed at how quickly your feelings about yourself change, and how it brings a natural inner strength and increases your self esteem.

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