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Christmas message

Courtesy: Chithra Jha, Trainers forum

Love is what we all seek and too often we do not find it. We all have experiences of betrayal, abandonment and pain that can make us believe that we are not worthy of love, or that love is for others and not for us. No matter what has happened to us, we are worthy of love and whatever pain we have been through has been part of our own healing, and that of those we connect with. Our greatest and most powerful teachers are those who cause us the most pain and every experience contains a blessing.

Today, consider the most unlovable person in your life, the one who has caused you the most pain, and send him/her unconditional love. This is how you release them and yourself from whatever karma you have between you. Now send that same love to yourself because you deserve it and are worthy of it. Send love to everyone around you, all of the time. Become a source of love and light for others and it will be returned to you.

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