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Presentation Section

2009 January-February Issue

Chinmaya- Management Priniples
Mahabharat Winning Strategies Useful in Present Day
Brilliant solution to a sensitive problem

2009 March Issue

Women are Special because..
Inauguration of Shamthanjali Educational Trust
As he thinketh in his heart...

2009 April Issue

Guinnes Book of World Records - Engineering Feats

2009 May Issue

spirituality at work place
The Ant Fable
The Miracle of Life
Powerful Thoughts
Mysterious Staircase
A samll touching story mainly for professionals

2009 June Issue

Swami Vivekananda-msg for youth
The One Minute Manager
Railway track installation
A village with no Road Transportation
Who says earth is biggest?

2009 July Issue

Do They Need a Babysitter?

2009 August Issue

Get Creative-4 simple steps
Something to enjoy in life - K.Thyagarajan
Mechanical_Miracles_of_the_21st_century - K.Thyagarajan
PicturesOfEarth - K.Thyagarajan

Rain in the painting

2009 September Issue

Autographs of Indian Legends
Ganesha Darshan
Beautiful quotes
Who I am Makes a Difference

2009 October Issue

Beginning Today
Clever design ideas - K.Thyagarajan Chennai
God's Pharmacy - T. Paramasivan, Singapore
Value Engineering - Hari Nair, Noida

2009 November Issue

Chinese Army
Amazing Ship ever built
After_Meals - Paramasivam, Singapore


2009 December Issue

Nature_Lightning - Select Read Only, Courtesy: K. Thyagarajan, chennai
What to do

2010 January Issue

Cutest animal emotions
Unusual Begging methods
Brilliant Photo Manipulation Arts
World after 10 years
7 Habits

2010 February Issue

Impossible Objects
Temble Made from bottles
India's Future
A farewell Letter
Incredible Visub Nagar
Think on the good things

2010 March Issue

Life in 2010
Gone All those days
Do not mess with Nature
Indian Wisdom
Indian Temples
Some Real Shots
You are always on our Mind

2010 April Issue


2010 May Issue

Your Religion is not Important - COURTESY: RAJENDRA DESH PANDE
Thats God

2010 June Issue

Lord Buddha
China's Amazing Bridges
Surpeb Live Car Stunts

July 2010 Issue

Electric_Vehicles - K. Thiagarajan

August 2010 Issue

China Today - Stalin, Mumbai

September 2010 Issue

Jessica Cox English - K. Thyagarajan, Chennai

December 2010 Issue

Be Happy Always - K.Thyagarajan, Chennai

January 2011 Issue

Ancient India - Rukmani, Kalakad
For you from today - Hari Nair, Passion HR

February 2011 Issue

Great Touching Photos
New Effective ways to Start/Change

March 2011 Issue

Is your Life Balanced? check out
Test your Common Sense

April 2011 Issue

The greatest cricketer of the 21st century

May 2011 Issue

Big Movers
Greatest Thought Provoker

June 2011 Issue

July 2011 Issue

Delhi Airport - K. Thyagarajan, Chennai-
Albrecht Durer

August 2011 Issue

September 2011 Issue

CANCER - K.Thyagarajan, Chennai
Enemies of Success

October 2011 Issue


November 2011 Issue

December 2011 Issue

You Will Get What You Do To Others
Why This Kolaveri Di?
Mullaperiyar Dam

January 2012 Issue

February 2012 Issue

March 2012 Issue

Maryland Day Optical Illusions - Capt Murugan, chidambaram

July 2012 Issue

Secrets of Life
Mens Rules

August 2012 Issue

September 2012 Issue

Ramanujam - AVR, Chennai

October 2012 Issue

November 2012 Issue

February 2013 Issue

March 2013 Issue

April 2013 Issue

June 2013 Issue

The Daffodil Principle AVR, Chennai
Cancer Causing Foods - - MJ - AMET
Homogenous Comb Charge Engine For Better Eff - Ramanathan - AMET

September 2013 Issue

October 2013 Issue

Famous Photos - AVR, Chennai

November 2013 Issue

The Art of avoiding illness - K.Thiagarajan, KTR (A to Z)
Anna Kostenko Paintings Than Photographs

December 2013 Issue

7 Do Nots After Meals - Kalakad subramanian

March 2014 Issue

April 2014 Issue

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