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Running Effective Meetings

Courtesy: Anamika

1. Meeting agenda has to be prepared and distributed to participants at least 2 days prior. Suggested heads of information include - Item to be Discussed; Responsibility; Planned Time. If there are specific decisions to be made mention them separately.

2. Presentations, if any, need to be reviewed to ensure they serve the intended objectives and do not take time beyond that planned.

3. During the meeting, time has to be kept (assign a time keeper) and a 'parking lot' maintained. 'Parking Lot' is a list of items not within the scope/agenda of the meeting. They will be discussed if there is time else another meeting has to be called for.

4. Only invite people who are decision makers.

5. Ensure people accept/reject meeting invite - use MS Outlook or other tools.

6. 'Minutes' are to be maintained only on salient points and action items and should be restricted to max 2 pages - 1 page will be ideal. I have seen verbose minutes that go on for 5-6 pages e.g. Then Mr X stood up and spoke about the sales of his business unit........ .....

7. These action items should be ideally maintained in an excel sheet - makes followup easier.

8. Maintain attendance and total time taken - gain in excel sheets. This will help analysis of productive hours lost due to meetings. 9. Before closing the meeting reiterate the Action Items and ensure that the person assigned understands what he has to do (including criticality) and by what date. Action Items list should contain - Action Item; Responsibility; Planned Closure Date; Actual Closure Date

10. Maximum duration of a single meeting should be 60 min - ideal would be 30-40min

Corporate Trainer

In response to...

Hi everyone,

I have to conduct a half day session on "HANDLING BUSINESS MEETINGS" for a group of CA and internship students.

Since there will be around 50 participants (post lunch session which I always prefer), I propose to have 8 groups and some case study situations for calling the meetings to order. eg.New Product launch, revamping a current product due to poor sales, labour problems, exit interview to decide on a new operations head, outstanding receivables from a high profile client etc.

I need some similar type case studies, games, activities which could be played.

Shall appreciate if you could send me your valuable guidance in the form of ideas, ppts or relevant source abt the relevance of meetings (I distinctly remember a program I attended long ago where the trainer said " Meetings are those where minutes are kept and hours are lost"), minutes, agenda etc.

Look forward to a positive response from this invaluable forum.


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