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October 2009 Issue

Sugarless Coffee
Disciple Hood
Personality Development Programme

Ebooks Section

Education Section

Inspiring talk - must read
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's Speech
Power of Words
Clear Thinking
Discussion with God
Leadership: The Basis for Management
Just Say "I Love You"
Think and Thank
Power of Money - By Adam Khoo
Hilarious Things On Resumes

Information section

Don't sleep too late
10 Extraordinary People

Stories Section

Your Gift, Your Strengths!
The turtles
The Frogs
The Pretty Lady

Presentation Section

Beginning Today
Clever design ideas - K.Thyagarajan Chennai
God's Pharmacy - T. Paramasivan, Singapore
Value Engineering - Hari Nair, Noida

Video Section

The Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi
Rajiv assassination - The untold story
911 twin towers crash footage
Inspirational Video


Whole Building is built of ice!
Money Coming your way!


I told God
A Pleasant day
Balle Balle
Why Me? - Arthur Ashe

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