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Tamil-English bilingual webmagazine dedicated to education of the masses through E-books, articles, worldwide informations, Slideshows, Presentations on various subjects, photographs and images, moral and objective oriented stories and Lectures including audio and video

May 2012 Issue

Corporate Glipmses

Ebooks Section

Foods that you should keep in the fridge Raman, kalakad

Education Section

Dont look for Success, Add value!
ஆட்டத்தை நிறுத்து சொக்கா
வயதான காலத்தில் நிம்மதியைத் தருவது எது?

Information section

Some Interesting and useful Points to note
Who owns the media in India?

Stories Section

A Pound of Butter

Video Section

Exclusive treasure - Periva video collection
Lion trying to eat a baby FULL

Special Section

A Journey to the Center of the Earth


Spectacular Tricks to Teach Your Body

Spiritual Path

Rama namam

Students Corner

Do you fin an answer?

Youth Resort

Touching the sky without arms

Management Section

Manufacturing The end of cheap China
B-schools offer India Inc leaders crash course

Lighter Moments

1 vs 99
Men vs Women! Brain Analysis


Beautiful Sea World
Nice. . . don skip dis
Good ones

World Tour

Thrissur Pooram - 2012 held on 01 May

Internet Links

19000 HINDI SONGS with video


Some one liners
Golden words


Feedback from April 2012

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