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Interesting News & Events in Pictures...


01. Daredevil

(Greg Wood, AFP/Getty Images / October 27, 2009)

Travis Pastrana (top) of the US performs an FMX backflip on his dirt bike over a hovering 3-foot helicopter (below) in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on October 28, 2009. Pastrana has performed other stunts around the world, including jumping out of a plane with no parachute and jumping off his motorbike into the Grand Canyon.

02. Base jumping in Kuala Lumpur

(AP photo / October 28, 2009)

A base jumper falls backwards of the Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower. A group of base jumpers were attempting to set a Guinness World Record striving to have 24 people base jump every hour for 24 hours from the the 915 feet high communication tower.

03. Pushkar Mela

(Kevin Frayer, AP / October 29, 2009)

Indian camel herders stand with their animals as they wait for buyers at the Pushkar Mela in Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, early Thursday. The festival attracts thousands of livestock dealers and tens of thousands of camels, horses, and cattle and has been an annual event for hundreds of years, according to locals.

04. Winter Olympics 2010 Vancouver

(LOUISA GOULIAMAKI, AFP/Getty Images / October 29, 2009)

Actress Maria Nafpliotou in the role of a High Priestess lights a torch with the Olympic Flame during the flame handing over ceremony for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics at the Panathenian marble stadium in Athens on October 29, 2009.

05. Howl at the Moon

(Forum Publishing Group/ Matt Dean / October 24, 2009)

Finn McCool, a 3-year-old chocolate lab, is dressed up as Michael Jackson for the costume contest during the Howl at the Moon at the Wellington Dog Park.

06. Mule

(SAM PANTHAKY, AFP / October 27, 2009)

Indian donkey trader Rameshbhai shows the teeth of a Khachchar or a mule to show its age and health during an annual donkey fair in the village of Vautha.

07. Ship collision

(AP photo / October 27, 2009)

Smoke billows from the bow of Japanese navy destroyer JS Kurama after it collided with a commercial vessel in Kanmon strait, off southern Japan. The fire on the 7,400-ton container ship was extinguished shortly after the collision.

08. Whale shark

(NOEL CELIS, AFP / October 28, 2009)

Philippine Coast Guard personnel retrieve a dead whale shark which was found by fishermen at the Manila Bay breakwater on Oct. 28. The shark’s cause of death is still unknown. Coast guard members who arrived on the scene said they did not find injuries in their inspection except for a wound on the tail.

09. Rubiks 360

(Oli Scarff, Getty Images / October 28, 2009)

Rubik's Emily Dixon poses with a Rubiks 360 at the "Dream Toys" fair of predicted top selling toys for Christmas on Oct. 28, in London, England.

10. Mass marriage

(AP photo / October 28, 2009)

Indian couples perform wedding rituals during a mass marriage organized by the "Thirumala Tirupati Devastanam", a temple trust, in Hyderabad, India. About 7,000 couples got married at the ceremony.

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