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Negative conditioning

Courtesy: Kumar

The Fear of escape

During a experiment to understand behaviour of animals, In a closed laboratory a experiment was conducted with five monkeys. These five monkeys kept in a unlocked cage. When one monkey was about to open the door, hot water thrown on the remaining four monkeys. Then, they removed one monkey from the cage and added a new monkey in the cage. Out of sheer joy, When this new monkey about the open the door to come out, all the four monkeys smashed and beaten him and made control of him not to go out.

Like this all the four monkeys got replaced by new monkeys, now the cage is kept unlocked, no monkey made an attempt to come out side though they were not the monkeys thrown hot water on them. Now a fear created in the mind of the monkeys as coming out of the cage will have a severe punishment.

Like this our mind also trained to undergo a unwritten customary thinking created by your group which makes you, not to think creatively or fearlessly. Hence you do not behave as a monkey in your group. You come out of the box and open the door of wisdom and realize the world of innovation by your creative thinking.

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