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Mind Coach - A Tool Must For Trainers
courtesy A.S. TIWARI

This is a wonderful software that helped me in regulating my emotions. I strongly recommend since I feel that its not only useful for us as trainers but we can also help/ inform our participants as we train. It can be downloaded on your phone and is very simple yet very effective.

Please find the details below or visit:

Our emotions have an enormous impact on our life and its events. More often than not these emotions overpower us. Whether its anger, fear, uncertainty, decision making or stress; the surge of these negative emotions make us helpless and thus ineffective. We need some quick ways to control these emotions, channelize the energy and deal with situations effectively, especially when there are about 60,000 thoughts crossing our mind every day.

Mind Coach through scientifically researched psychological questions and solutions stimulates your Brain to answer without you having to make the genuine attempt to answer it and slowly it takes you to a highly cognitive and rationale level. E.g. if we were to ask you your name or where you stay or your favourite colour, you would not have to think and answer since your brain responds to these questions automatically. Similarly, in Mind coach there are brain stimulating questions, statements and solutions which overpower your negative emotion and subsequently you exit it. Mind Coach is mobile software that helps to confront and regenerate the unpleasant emotions into desired positive behavior.

How does MindCoach help?

MindCoach is a software that helps one to live happily and increase productivity of self and others. The scientifically designed questions assists one, cope with current challenges and difficulties and come out as a winner. It helps one to enjoy life to the fullest by empowering to find solutions which otherwise one may find difficult to discover.

The challenge all of us face is to deal with the negative emotions which tend to quietly destroy the life and its realization comes only when we are at the threshold. These unassumingly innocuous negative emotions are the ones which make life unpredictable. As individuals, we are so used to living with them almost everyday and we have seen them come and go on its own several times, making us feel helpless, hopeless and almost convincing us that they are part of our lives, thus, we need to accept them and we cannot do anything about them. We don't value the power they contain to either make our living constructive or destructive.

Psychologically it has been seen that each individual is resourceful and has the ability to overcome any emotion. However, one may not be able to since he does not know How to overcome it. There are scientific Psychological methods which bring an individual out of a powering emotion which he wants to get rid of. And that method is 'empowering self by introspection'.

Usually what happens when an individual is gripped with anger or fear, he is so riveted by it that he keeps looking at the problem or continues to feel hatred towards the person and does not think about the solution. We follow a method of empowering the individual to come out of the said emotion by asking certain questions along with some techniques of attaining solutions. With every question that a person answers internally it makes him feel better and by the end of the exercise, he is liberated from the clutches of the negative emotion.

The emotions that Mind Coach covers are Anger, Anxiety, Fear, Under confidence, Stress, Uncertainty, Decision Making, Impatience, Delaying Decision, Avoiding. Mind coach has very friendly yet highly introspective questions. You can download Mind Coach on your mobile and stay at ease always.


Anand Shankar Tiwari

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