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The headline is a beautiful play of words. Save Trees. Trees save. And the visual impact is quite stunning. He who first said that a picture is worth many words is quite right.

This is a very catchy ad for a karate school. Looks like they have a very practical approach to learning it

The copy says: "Harry's bread. Nice and Soft." Indeed. The cute sleepy girl takes the cake here, er.. I mean, the bread.

This is a print ad taken out by Rodasol insect killer in the Obituary section of a newspaper. Death to the Bugs

A very interesting print ad by Frizz skin salon. Catchy.

Thank God the zoom was invented..

And here is one of the best anti-smoking ad, released by Cancer Patients Aid Association:

A very simple but hard-hitting advertisement by the Mumbai Traffic Police on the importance of wearing helmet:

One of the best, by Seagram, that asks drivers to choose carefully between two things:

An explosion of colors fantastically brought out by the recent print ads for Sony Bravia television:

The outcome is unbelievable. Also a bit headache-inducing, if I may say so. :-)

Here is a very creative use of bowling alleys to advertise for dental implant insurance.. Whoever got this idea and made a sudden leap of imagination was being sooo.. damn creative.

IWC, the famous Swiss watch makers, used these stickers on the holds in airport buses to catch the attention of travelling pilots and other passengers for their new "Big Pilot's Watch".

A "Don't Drink and Drive" campaign by Vasir breweries on their beer bottle caps. Upon opening the bottle, the car printed on the cap appears bent, and on reverse we have the simple slogan. Very simple but effective.

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