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In Case of Emergency (ICE)

There are several emergency situations (like London incident, the floods in Mumbai and many others) with tensions and difficulties in contacting the near and dear immediately. To help such situations, there is a 'community co-operation program' whereby all mobile phone holders are encouraged to enter the numbers of their 'closest person' under the name 'ICE' in their mobile phone. A useful thing to add to your mobile address book!

How this helps?

At any time there is an medical emergency or accidents to you (touch wood, nothing should happen to you!), your mobile phone will be tracked by either rescuer or police or some good samaritan. An International Coding Convention is being created whereby the 'Rescuers and Police' will be trained to look for the name 'ICE' in your mobile phone (which will be the number of your 'closest person'). They immediately inform your 'closest person' (without loss of time by trying for several of your contacts in your mobile phone).

What should we add in the mobile address book, under the name ICE?

In the mobile phone's address book, we should add under the name, ICE, the mobile/land phone numbers of the 'closest person' - may be you can add details of the person in the 'NOTES' section too. (if 'Notes' option available in the phone). The 'closest person' REFERS to the person who will attend to any of your emergency situations at any time. More names can be added as ICE 1, ICE 2....

How can we help on this subject?

You can help in this 'Community Co-operation' program, by:

(1) Additing the name ICE and the related 'closest person' phone no. under that name,

(2) Whenever you are in a public place seeing a stranger with some emergency or accident situation, you can be a 'good samaritan' and if you see the mobile phone of the victim, help track the ICE phone number in the mobile, and inform the dear and near of that person immediately.

(3) Creating Community awareness by sending this message to your dear and near across the world, as this can help any one at any time ...even in your emergency....

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