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What U Know About INDIA


for Jan isue with courtesy Something About INDIA:

National Name: Bharat, India, Hindustan

Current President: Pratibha Patil

Current Prim Minister: Manmoham Sing

Land Area:- 1,147,949 sq mi (2,973,190 sq km)

Total Area: 1,269,338 sq mi (3,287,590 sq km)

Population: 1,132,446,000

Capital Of India: New Delhi

Economical Capital Of India: Mumbai

Currency: Rupees

National Language: Hindi

National Official Language: English

Literacy Rate: 61%

Ruler Party: UPA

Religious: Hindu, Muslim, Shikh, Parsi, Christan.

Ethnicity: Indo-aryan, dravidion, Mongoloid

Railway Length: 63,221 km

Highway: 33,83,344 km

Water way: 14,500

Airports: 346

Boarder Country: Pakistan, china, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangaladesh, burma.

Independent day: 15 Aug 1947

Republican Day: 26 Jan 1950

Population Density: 329 per km2

GDP: 2.96 trillion

Timezone: IST UTC +5:30,

Internet TLD: .in

ISD Call: +91

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