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Coconut Oil & Neurodegenerative Diseases


Coconut Oil

Interesting and breakthrough information about what a doctor found when she was researching possible drugs for her husband was showing signs of Alzheimers. And, this isn't good for only Alzheimers - learn how coconut oil helps reduce other neurodegenerative symptoms/causes. (brain fog anyone? lack of coordination anyone?)

Since the pharmaceutical companies won't make any money off of this, this information is unlikely to get broadcast on major media. (Wouldn't want to have a conflict of interest with their advertiser's commercials for brand name drugs you are supposed to ask your doctor for)

Be sure to watch all the clips. You will see the husband began to speak and share his experiences. The website links at the bottom show much more information, as well as the series of clock drawings the husband made as his mind improved with the coconut oil.

Please watch this film in its entirety, especially if you or a loved one has Alzheimers or any other neurodegenerative disease. Or diabetes.

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