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Name of the magazine: Shantham, an e-zine

Birth of Shantham

Dear Readers,

I am dedicating Shantham this web magazine being published under the auspices of Shanthanjali Trust, a trust formed under the memory of my beloved departed wife Shantha who died of Chikun-Kunia two years back at 47 and whose fate came very suddenly within three days . Taken aback by the dashing door which closed my path, I got lost completely . It is at that sad moment HIS ALMIGHTY and my Shantha’s soul that gave the required message through the mouth of one lady who was selling idlies at the road side nearer to my flat in Vadapalani at Chennai. Aiyya (sir) why are you like this, spoiling your health and becoming a burden for your two daughters? Stand up and you should live not only for them but for the society.

A right message conveyed at the apt moment indeed. I got the fortitude and was slowly coming back to my normalcy. I created a blog for my departed wife and started penning down my thoughts making it useful for the couples and youngsters for leading a peaceful and harmonious life.

Pl visit the link santhamma.blogspot.com for more details.

In my classes for MBA students and in my corporate& institutional training programmes, I have been used to share many useful information and life lessons which have been well received. An urge in my mind has been there for the past one and half years or so that these kind of messages should reach many and hence this birth of Shantham. As told by the famous Gita exponent Mr. Parthasarathy, home should be the centre not the periphery of our action. And it was endorsed by caring daughters too. Having successfully carried out my responsibilities to my two beloved, caring daughters who are married and well settled, I feel I have more responsibilities to the society. My uncle cum father–in-law, the late K.M.S. used to say that honesty without helping tendency is useless and HE was a living example for that too. HE is the source of inspiration for me in many aspects and HIS soul is the guiding force too in that aspect of my service to the society. The objectives of Shantham have been listed at the home page. It is not the one way process You can also contribute and share your useful info and experiences. After all knowledge is the one which gets multiplied, when shared with others.

We are organizing many useful lectures, programmes under the above trust initially at Chennai and at other places in future.

Shanthanjali Trust will help the needy not only by giving fish but teaching to fish. It will arrange annadhanam for orphanages, help the poor for education, employment, organize free educational programmes for the public on various topics delivered through experts like doctors, lawyers, financial consultants, HR experts etc. The scope is not limited. Sky should be the limit. I request your cooperation and contribution in body, mind and soul in cash or kind. We are in the process of getting 80G under IT Act for the donors to the Trust for getting exemption. We are also opening one PAYPAL ACCOUNT soon for the contributions. That is purely voluntary. The main purpose of this magazine is to promote many free useful educational services to the mass. If GOD willing and with all your cooperation, this same E- magazine can be brought as a regular magazine.

The periodicity is not defined so far. Initially it will come as a monthly magazine. Depending upon the response of you readers, it may come more. We are also having plans to upload the clippings of our functions organized at various locations and our training programmes, thru specially designed IT tools.

I thank profusely Mr. A.K. Rajagopalan who is the force behind and is the source of inspiration for the launch of this e-zine.

Have a peaceful and purposeful reading. Let Shantham bring peace, harmony and prosperity in the lives of many.

Pl share your useful ideas, suggestions for betterment.

With love and regards,


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