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Taking Command

courtesy: S.S. Mani of Kalakad.org

When you become aware of the power of your mind, you've reached the first step in improving the quality of your life. You then need to develop habits that reinforce a positive outlook and positive feelings. Here are some techniques that have worked for millions of people and will work for you:

1. Saturate your mind with the positive.

Most people saturate their mind with the negative (like watching gossipy TV shows, associating with pessimistic friends, etc.) and then wonder why they're always in a funk and feeling helpless.

2. Read positive literature every day, preferably in the morning when you wake up.

Listen to positive audio programs several times each week, or while exercising. Make sure that you spend time with people who are positive and uplifting. You may need to make significant changes in your regular routine, but that's what it will take to discipline your mind in a positive direction.

3. Bring gratitude to the forefront.

You maintain a positive attitude and positive feelings when you concentrate every day on the blessings in your life. Everyone gives lip service to gratitude, but it's rare to find a person who expresses gratitude and makes it a priority every single day.

The moment you face a challenge, gratitude should come to mind and allow you to realize just how well off you are. No matter what you're facing, I'll bet there are many people who would gladly trade places with you.

4. Calm the mind.

Today's society is all about rush, rush, rush and go, go, go. When you're caught up in that frenzy, you become tense. Your mind tends to race with unpleasant scenarios and images. The solution is to bring your mind back into the present moment, a place most people rarely visit.

You can quiet the mind through disciplines such as meditation, yoga, tai-chi and martial arts. When your mind is quiet, you feel positive and at ease. You're reconnecting to your spirit. Don't make the mistake of thinking these disciplines are not practical. They will help you in your business and your relationships. There is much truth to Blaise Pascal's observation that "all men's miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone."

Only you can decide which combination of these strategies will work for you - and how much time you can devote to each practice. That's a matter of personal preference. Do what works for you.

Please understand that I'm not suggesting that you're unaffected by the people who cross your path or the conditions you're facing. Sure, life can be easier when people are cooperative and when you have money in the bank. But life isn't always this rosy. While you can't control all of the circumstances in your life, you can control your response to any challenges that come your way. In the end, your outlook is something that you decide.

When you've disciplined your mind to be positive, you're going to find that you're happier, healthier and well equipped to handle whatever happens on the outside.

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