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Let's talk about Appreciation

An Appreciation can make a day, even change a life.
Your willingness to put it in to words, all that is necessary.

Margaret Couision

A story of Appreciation……..

I was walking down the street last night and saw a mother caring her small child to play on his own and this success story pulls me to think about the magic of appreciation.

What wonder an appreciation can do for a life???

When you tell someone you value his or her specific contribution you are giving appreciation to that person.

It’s quite simple really. Take a look around you. How much do you have to be grateful for? What do you have that some others might not? What do you have access to that others might not? If you start by really seeing the positives in your life and understanding how fortunate you are to have these things, the problems in your life will suddenly be put into perspective. A smile will become part of you. People will notice a change in your outlook and will gravitate to be around you. Your life will become fuller and happier.

Wonders that Appreciation can do is-

· Appreciating everybody you know helps build a bond between each other and it make a a society better to live in.
· One would be able to dig out something from hard rock as well.
· Best Policy for Recession, a boss can follow- It is good to give and costs nothing.
· An innocent wife can be carried away by his husband’s two sweet words and vice-versa can also be assumed.
· One would be able to explore through one’s mind by merely appreciating other.
· If you wish, you can give each other appreciation on your contribution to the success of a very important or extended project and this motivates the team to work more.
· It can do big wonders for reducing conflicts and helps to value and understand other people also.

But before working on above mentioned secrets, let’s be very clear that one should know,

How to appreciate oneself before anyone else’.

What do you say?????

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