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Mental stimulation
Bala -chennai-33

Dear Friends,

Did you know that keeping your mind active is one way to live longer and healthier? Studies have shown that when you "feed" your mind with new information, you are actually building brain cells that can benefit you, both physically and mentally.

And there are plenty of ways to do that. It can be as simple as thinking of a topic that interests you and then researching it. When you research, you expose yourself to a wealth of information. And with today's sophisticated online search engines, researching is much easier than it used to be. That makes it easy to keep your mind active without even leaving home.

And there are other means to find mental stimulation. If you are fond of formal classes, you could look into the curriculum offered at a local learning center, community college, or even a major university. Many universities now offer online classes, which really broadens your learning options. Whether it's a cooking class or a university course in psychology, you'll benefit from learning something new. You can also stimulate your "little grey cells" by watching historical, scientific, and other educational programs on television.

And don't forget the easiest and simplest lifelong learning pursuit, reading. A powerful activity for keeping the mind honed and sharp, reading is an inexpensive and pleasant pastime. Studies show that teachers and professors tend to keep their mental faculties longer, and this is attributed to their regular reading habits. So, settling in with a book is good for your health!

Friends, I am sure there are topics and subjects you would like to know more about, and I hope you will take some time to investigate them. Now I will leave you to look over your Health, Wealth and Happiness forever.

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