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Where Does Stress Come From?
by Sandy Karn

Stress comes from our perception and our reactions to our perception, according to Doc Childre. If we didn't perceive what other's say to us as disturbing, or dislike deadlines that have to be met that are tough to meet and worry about getting into conflicts, just to name a few, we wouldn't create as much stress for ourselves as we do. Our own perception of our world will do quite well in creating stress for us on its own.

When we can find ways to rearrange our thinking, our perceptions in our life will create stress or eliminate stress based our perceived notions about what is going on.

Our perception is our life so it is important to be accurate in our thinking. Keep asking yourself the question "is this real?". If it isn't, don't stress out over it.

Here's why:

In a study of 5,716 middle-aged people, those with the highest self- regulation abilities in managing stress and their unhealthy attitudes were over fifty times more likely to be alive and without chronic disease fifteen years later than those with the lowest self- regulation scores (Grossarth-Maticek and Eysnsck 1995).

Certainly something to think about-how can YOU eliminateperceived STRESS from your life?

Wishing You the Very Best!

Sandy Karn Results Specialist

Sandy Karn is president of her own company, Creative Results Sources, Inc., a consulting and training company of over 30 years. She is a Field Manager with Inscape Publishing, publishers of proven self-assessment tools used in training and consulting. Take her WINNER's PROFILE!


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