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Pre-School for your children

Publication: Mumbai Mirror ; Date: Jun 18, 2009; Section: Spl Report; Page: 11


Choosing the right pre-school requires extensive research and analysis. Nitika Kariwala and Chintan Raj list down some factors to be considered before enrolling your child to a pre-school

The first five years of a child's life is crucial as it lays the foundation for overall development. This is the age when the child's aptitude can be nurtured. Therefore apt guidance becomes very important. Pre-schools provide kids with opportunities to engage themselves in a wide variety of age-appropriate learning activities that nurture their creativity and lateral thinking. Therefore, to ensure a positive learning curve, it’s important to choose your child’s pre-school judiciously.


Visiting the school will give you a clear picture of what to expect. “Apart from the much required proximity, hygiene should be the first thing to look out for” says Kavita Sejpal, a counsellor and parent, “Many parents choose pre-schools based on brand image or references. However, it’s also important to assess and understand your child’s aptitude.”

According to Minnie Mehra, Principal, Miniland Playgroup Nursery, “Parents should check the teacher-children ratio as it is important to ensure that the children get personal attention.”. Teachers should also be understanding and unbiased. A school with trained teachers is equipped to identify the child’s learning style and would aid in having a proactive approach to the child’s learning pattern. Specific micro-level steps that schools adopt for overall improvements should also be tracked. For example, simple stratagem like appropriate moderation of the air condition can go a long way since the immune system of a child is still in the developing stage.


An ideal pre-school would be the one which provides an environment encouraging children to do things themselves and at their own pace.

“Children at this stage take pride in doing things themselves, and seek independence. Hence, parents should ensure that the school offers children the required space” says Nishit Kantha, psychoanalyst and behavioral trainer, Infinity Learning Management and Research. The former helps children overcome their insecurities, understand friendship and identify themselves. Such children are more likely to grow into confident, socially compassionate and assertive adults. As Kantha, asserts, “The playschool experience should be more of a behavioral development than academics.”

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