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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on Governance

Extract from book "Perfection in Administration" (1998) by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He also adds at another place in his book that Economic Development is dangerous if for our Economic Development we are depending on loans (including what we call FDI) from foreign countries.(that is what happened in recent USA bubble bust)

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on National Government in his ‘Perfection in Administration’ (1998)

Every Government should have:

1 Ability to prevent Problems;
2 Invincibility;
3 Automation in Administration;
4 Self-sufficiency;
5 Affluence:
7 Integrated National Consciousness;
8 Problem-free, crime-free Government;
9 Action in accord with Natural Law;
10 Unrestricted progress without hard work;
11 Prevention-oriented perfect health-care system;
12 Ideal education to impart Total Knowledge.

Every Government should know:

1 There can be no justification for administration if the Government does not have the ability to prevent problems.

2 There can be no justification for defense if the defense equipment is supplied by foreign agencies.

3 There can be no justification for law if order is not available.

4 There can be no justification for the department of justice if the lawmakers are themselves criminals.

5 There can be no justification for the health department if health care is so inadequate that it creates new diseases.

7 There can be no justification for the agriculture department if the food that is produced is poisonous.

8 There can be no justification for the communication department if the information agencies can be bought by foreign powers and used to excite people, promote opposition everywhere, and destroy the integrity of the nation.

9 There can be no justification for the department of industry when it is the source of ever-increasing pollution in air, water and food and when law itself condones the uncertainties of workers' moods.

10 There is really no justification to pay taxes to the government when everything is chaotic, and when the government does not fulfill its purpose and is not able to satisfy anyone.

Courtesy: Mukund Apte

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