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How God Changes Your Brain!

Dr Newberg, a professor of radiology, psychology and religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania, USA and co-founder of Penn`s Centre for Spirituality and the Mind, did 15 year long research on the effects of meditation and prayer. He has looked more closely than most at how our spiritual data processing centre works, conducting various types of brain scans on more than 100 people, all of them in different kinds of worshipful or contemplative states.

According to him, when people engage in prayer, it is the frontal lobes that take the lead, since they govern focus and concentration. Enough prayer and meditation bring permanent change in the brain. People who prayed longrer than 15 years seem to have thicker frontal lobes than non-meditators.

"Better functioning frontal lobes help boost memory", he says. He also scanned the brains of people who complained of poor memory before they underwent meditation training; he scanned them again after. As the lobes bulked up, memory improved.

Dr. Newberg says that positive mental attitude is one of the names of God!

The book "How God Changes Your Brain", written by Dr. Newberg brings out the health benefits of spirituality. He also says that just minutes of daily meditation can slow the ageing process, build intimacy with family and friends.

As I keep saying often that God has provided in all of us built-in mechanism to be healthy and happy throughout our life, but to be so demands strict discipline.

But God is not offering anything on a platter. In a research I have embarked upon, it is indicative that a disciplined life keeps at bay even minor illness, like cold, cough, fever etc.

Thiagarajan TVS
French Language Coach

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