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Married Life

Alarming Divorce Rates

Couple of months ago, I read in a daily that the divorce rate in the age group of 20-27 has gone up by 30 pecent in Bangalore. Earlier there was similar situation in Pune as well. Choosing a life partner alone is not a road to happiness; choosing ways constantly to make the married life mirthful is central.

Abundance of money arrests animated discussion on problems that can crop once the knot is tied. We can buy goods with money but buying marital happiness demands different mindset. The emotional imbalance is high when both hold jobs in BPOs. The disposable income too drives one to cultivate new habits which again become an hindrance to harmonious living.

The marital discord is not just confined to one`s home, but has the capacity to affect our worklife as well. The acquired education and the limited exposure make us think of only one solution - divorce - ignoring all other options that contribute to marital harmony. If pre-marriage pact eludes, post-marriage pact can solve the daunting problems. Pact need not be on a bond paper; it can be an unwritten understanding, like the British Constitution.

Here are some ideas to mull over; one can modify, delete and add more:

What couples can do:


a. If both working in BPO, a woman to switch over to day job
b. both work in BPO, save one`s entire salary to invest to have passive income; investment spread is essential;
c. one to leave the job after a year or two of experience;
d. equip one with some skills to do a job, partime or from one`s own home
e. if good in communciation skills, write articles to mags and dailies;
f. learn well the art of investment in shares and judiciously buy and sell with the help of experts;
g. provide subcontracting to companies.
h. deposit savings in Companies that give 11 percent per annum; TATA is one; maximum lock-in period is 3 years;
   (FD in banks does not give this much);
i. one can buy a shop to rent out (from one`s salary and savings)
j. one can begin a Coaching class by roping in Tutors

One or combination of any or many can generate regular income.

But do the groundwork well before embarking on any of the above activities. Asking right questions alone will elicit right answers, but get convincing answers, from different sources, if not from one source.

If we consider ourselves educated emerging from the corridors of elite instutiomns of learning, what do we do with the knowledge we acquired. The only option we resort to, as though it is Hobson`s, is divorce. Rather than going into the origin of the problems to resolve and reside together happily, the acquired education does not make us think of different options. Options are galore and have to be listed and discussed threadbare and solution arrived at amicably.

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