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Change and revitalise India

We Indians, or the inhabitants of Bharat, can genuinely take pride of our ancient history. We have given so much of knowledge to the world, voluntarily when probably, other inhabitants of the west and east were still struggling for their survival. Then a time came when we were robbed of our material wealth. Knowingly or unknowingly we gave that also, because of the infighting within ourselves. Material wealth appears one day, but can disappear the next day. But what about the other wealth, knowledge? That does not disappear even if you give it or share it. But for whatever reason it is, we totally lost it, forgot it.

Today from the same west we are taking that knowledge back at a price, that we gave free of cost! Take yoga; only after it is acknowledged by the west we have started noticing it though to a very lesser degree still. Our herbal medicine has to be patented for us to go and queue for it. The list is endless.

Rome was not built in a day. Even here we have to borrow a line from the west to drive home a point, not our own line! Thus, the wealth and knowledge that we gave freely, took a long time for compilation; Compiled by very committed people, who looked for nothing in return; today do we have such people first of all? Assuming even they are available, and guaranteeing them some returns, how long it will take for us to rediscover the lost knowledge?

Frankly I dont know whether such a rediscovery under the present circumstances is possible or not! But it is very clear. Some how we must get back our glory. Not to pose for others or to boast over others. But to share it again, same time retaining it for our own use. How do we go about it? Where do we start?

Before that let us look at one more point. In ancient times or olden days, means of communication as well as commuting were very limited. We got only a few great visitors, who came purely seeking wonders here, as they had heard a lot of praise about Bharat. Sure whoever went back also gave a similar feedback about Bharat. They said many things about the land, religion, culture, languages etc. But today all has changed. I mean not only the communication and commuting modes, but also the feedback about India or Bharat.

Though even today they talk high of our intelligence, culture etc. But on one count they, for that matter you and me also, cant digest what is happening here. No, I am not talking about corruption: It is in the west and east also.

I am talking about cleanliness. A silly point, like in cricket some may say. I beg to differ. Look around your house, street, street corners, common places and everywhere else. Is it not filth mostly? It is not uncommon to see many people spit in unimaginable places, under unimaginable situations, for unimaginable times! This one single scene if can be changed will revolutionalise the Indian picture. Once external cleanliness we are able to achieve, internal cleanliness such as corruption free minds and society will become a reality. So this must be our starting point

During ancient times, others were awestruck about Bharat and its inhabitants. Today it is the reverse: We are not just awestruck of their materialistic progress, but we idolize everything about them. Let it be their music, food, dress etc., etc. I am not condemning that. In the current scenario the dividing line between societies are changing or disappearing. Constant interaction between various races and countries is a must.

There is no need for getting awestruck about or to idolize someone. Simple respect is more than sufficient. We give that in plenty to others. We need to earn it back also, and then make it happen routinely and regularly.

To realize this dream the very first thing that we have to attack is keeping India clean. I am not talking about a toilet and a bathroom for all. They can wait. They will come automatically. We must stop the practice of dirtying places first and then expect some one else to clean it (He is also an Indian-a cleaner by profession). It is said that goverenments aim is to create more jobs. But why are we creating more cleaning jobs? This must stop, while other jobs need to be created.

That will take care of the rest of the problems, starting from toilet and bathrooms, to a home, and to a corruption free country. How do we get there?

The process is going to be very very long. Extremely long. You and me may not be there to see it happen. Unfortunately this sentence itself is sufficient to put off many of us away from this line of thinking. Why should I bother on something that is not going to give me a benefit atleast some time later? Nonsense. Even if our great grand children do not see it we must start. It is sure to take that long. How do we start?

Opinions and suggestions here may be plenty. Having thought of this problem for a very very long time, my mind has given me the following answer.

Start with the primary education. Include in syllabus a paper on cleanliness. Cleanliness for personal hygiene, home, outside the home, the street, public places, offices, at prayer halls (even these are not clean now) etc., etc.

Let the children read it year after year till they come out of 8th standard. Teach them how they should tackle violators, even if they are parents, relatives, spouses, friends, colleagues, workers, everybody. Fearlessly they must tackle them. Unless a firm belief that cleanliness is Godliness is instilled in their minds it is not possible. Today this remains only a statement. Not a belief. Hence the mantra must be:

Cleanliness is Godliness, must be converted into a national belief.

And then, wait, wait and keep waiting. Wait atleast for 50 or 100 years. Till then nothing may happen. But it will happen. Otherwise nothing will EVER happen. Our children will just read it, pass an exam if one is kept, and forget it.

Do you want this to continue?

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