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A Twisting Tongue……     

Read this and hope you will not fall under the category of the old man in the episode

I should not have asked that question to that old man. We were sitting nearby in a PTC bus. and desperately awaiting for its start. I had to go to a Government department for finishing my long pending personal job. Decided to go by the PTC, despite its short comings. ’’When the bus will start?’’ for my simple question, he gave half an hour lecture. Nobody in this world was spared by his tongue. In his eyes all others in this cruel world were irresponsible. Nobody does one’s own duty. The salary, perks and all others given by the employers simply go waste. Finishing his ’’Ptcberg’’ speech, pointing out the driver & conductor of the bus in question, he said, ‘’see! they are enjoying the tea with useless chitchatting, without bothering us-poor passengers.’’. ‘’I am ok others are not ok’’- Eric Berne’s life position came to his rescue.

45 minutes of my time were at his mercy. we got down at the same place. I was proceeding to that government office. Much to my surprise he also accompanied me. I joined a big queue waiting at that service center. I was searching for my ’’bus–friend.’’ I could not spot him in the queue. Some irritated public in the queue remarked, ’’see that old man, he is supposed to start his work by at least 10 AM. In my bloody experience with these people, I am sure he wont start his job before 11. His remark was proved to be right. After dusting the work place, perfuming with agar bathi and with his routine prayers, (may be, for him worship is work)(it is anybody’s guess now who is that ’’he’’) he at last started off his work by 11.10.

My turn came. When I neared the counter, he closed it mercilessly. Between us, the conversation went like this:- 'Come after lunch time’ ’Come after 230'. Now it is 12.55, you have 5 minutes time pl finish that entry. I have put only half a day leave. That is your botheration. You should have come earlier. Sir, pl do this pl. My request poured cold water only. Realizing nothing can be extracted from that hard-nut-to-crack, I aimed at him with my trump card.

‘’Do you recognize me?’’. ‘’We are seeing hundreds of people daily. Can we remember each and every body?’’ Came the answer. Can you pl flash back your conversation at the bus this morning? Oh! that, ah!. Sir that is different this is different. Don’t confuse the two.

To be frank, every one of us is like that old man. As a customer, our expectations are heavy from the service provider, But, if somebody comes to us as a customer, we take a complete U–turn. Whether the dyad relationship is between a manager or a clerk, or between a supervisor or a worker or between a husband or wife or between the neighbours, the stand will be the same..

As a customer we expect that perfect justice should be done to us. Whether we reciprocate it to our customers, is a million dollar question. If that question finds a justifiable answer, why wordy dual, quarrel, tussle or disputes in our day-to-day life? I started floating in my utopian world.

‘’Sir, come after 2.30 and definitely before 4.30 we have to do tally jobs after 4.30’’

The same old man brought me back to the reality.

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