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What are the 7 Reasons for Waking up Early?

Courtesy : PKV, Bangalore

#1 Waking up Early Will Pave The Way For You To Have a Healthier Diet

Admit it, being busy and all, you usually do not have time for breakfast. That is why the word “brunch” was invented – late for breakfast, early for lunch. Brunch might sound okay, and it works well with the kind of lifestyle that you have, but you know it is not as healthy as having breakfast. I believe that back in kindergarten, you were taught how important it is not to skip breakfast.

But if you need to be reminded again: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why? Your body needs to recharge after you sleep and having a nutritious breakfast will do just that. By having breakfast, you have enough energy to perform your activities for the day. Look at it as a kick starter. And also, if you think that skipping breakfast will help you shed some pounds, you are mistaken. The more you skip breakfast, the more likely you are to eat unhealthy snacks during the day – you just do not realize it.

#2 Wake Up Early To Have Enough Time For Exercise

Exercising, even just for 15 minutes, will boost your energy and enthusiasm. Exercising will improve your mood, it uplifts your emotions and relieves you from stress and that will truly be helpful in starting your day right. The good thing about having your work out in the morning is that you will usually not have any reason to cancel it. Regular exercise will not only help you be more energetic, it will also help you lose weight and it can prevent certain diseases like heart disease.

#3 Waking Up Early Will Make You More Productive

How? The logic is simple – you will have more time to do what you need and want to do. And since you will be able to have a healthier lifestyle, like eating breakfast and getting enough exercise in the morning, you gain more energy and enthusiasm and become more energized, efficient, focused and driven.

#4 Say Goodbye To Stress by Waking Up Early

I know you will not believe this, but the truth is that your day will turn out to be more positive if you wake up early. Wake up early and you will not need to rush and you will substantially decrease your risk of arriving late at work or school.

#5 Wake up Early and Watch the Sunrise

When was the last time you have witnessed a sunrise? I bet you can’t remember. Seeing the sun when it is just about to rise is just one of the many free pleasures that can bring you a sprinkle of positivity and start your day in a great way.

#6 You Will Develop a Great Sleeping Pattern

By prioritizing to wake up early, you will discipline yourself to sleep early and have ample hours of rest. You will have enough time to recharge your body and keep it healthy. Having adequate sleep will enhance your brain’s functioning, so when at work or school, you will be able to improve your focus and concentration.

#7 Wake up Early and Experience Solitude

Since more than half of the community is probably still in bed, you will be able to experience quietude, peace or tranquility. You may even be able to meditate and have certain stresses relieved. Sometimes, you get so busy that you do not even have time to think or breathe…to really take a good breath. Having your own quiet time will help you get in touch with your thoughts, creativity and emotions – which can help provide a healthier sense of well-being.

Now, How Do You Do It?

The following are 7 simple steps that you can take to help you accomplish your goal of waking up earlier: 1. Do not do it drastically. You can start by waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual. And then once you are accustomed to it, gradually cut down another 15 or 30 minutes until you arrive at your goal time.

2. Make sure you sleep early. One way to do so is to get in bed early. You can read a book until you feel sleepy, instead of your usual late night TV or internet activities.

3. Do not put your alarm clock within arm’s reach. Place it somewhere far enough that you will need to get up out of your bed. By doing so, it will be more unlikely for you to hit the snooze button, because, well…you are already up.

4. Be goal-oriented and provide a good reason for you to wake-up early. Whether it is to have breakfast with your family or to have a quick jog – setting up a morning task will give you extra motivation and a purpose to get up early.

5. Make sure that you take advantage of the extra time you gain when you wake up early. Do not wake up early and just stare at the ceiling. Remember that you wake up early to jump start your day – so exercise, have breakfast, or just simply move.

6. Do not rationalize and listen to the voice inside your head. It will tell you that a few more minutes of sleep will not hurt, but it sure will. So resist it and get up right away.

7. Be consistent. The more you do it, the more your body will be accustomed to it and maybe in the future, you will not need an alarm clock to wake you up – you simply will get up and right on time. P K Venkataraman

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

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