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9 Best Selling Books THAT COULD BE Written

Courtesy: GD Sharma, chennai

What if Indian politicians, businessmen and celebrities wrote books so honest that they put So Honest Kejriwal to shame? We figured these 12 books would be best sellers, if they saw the light of the day.

1. Arnab Goswami

Arnabs show is incredibly biased towards one thing: himself. Its easier to achieve top scores in Flappy Bird than to think of winning a debate with Arnab.

2. Rahul Gandhi

The definitive guide to women empowerment and all that blah. How can Rahul baba write only one book? Heres another best seller. rahul1

Rahul has a Ph.D. in Applied Vague-ness.

3. Arvind Kejriwal

Kejriwal is the new Internet sensation. Spoofs, songs, sketches and whatnot. But he has stood tall on his baccho ki kasams

4. Anushka Sharma

A lip job? No, says Anushka. Then who moved your lips? Kohli? ;)

5. Mukesh Ambani

Its Kejriwal vs Ambani.

6. Raghu

Hats off to this guy. Who else has successfully run a television show for 11 years with just two pillars: Gaalis and disillusioned teens.

7. Robert Vadra

The secret is not yet revealed. Robert Langdon is no match for our very own damad ji Robert Vadra.

8. Sanjay Dutt

Now Sanju Baba has enough tricks under his sleeve. So why not share it with us mortals.

Again, there are so many tricks that he had to write another best seller. sanjay1 He has been out for 2 months and got another 30 days extension. Chaa gaye boss.

9. Sonia Gandhi

Credits :Click Here

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