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Building Basic Human Values

Courtesy: MS Muthuraman, Madurai

I lookforward to your suggessions on the following Thought Paper.

If every one has Basic Human Values no need for Court, Police or Army. If a Country spends 10% of its budget on Human Values 80% expenses can be saved.

I plan to announce a list of Basic Values to the Children of Madagupatti, in the Classrooms of 4th to 8th asking them to write everyday in a Diary anything they do towards exhibiting these Values.

If they show the Diary every week, I shall verify with his Parents, Teachers, Friends &,Neighbours and Award Rs.50 every 4th week.

List of Basic Values:

1. Waking up early morning

2. Physical exercise & Prayer.

3. Clothwash & bathing by the self

4. Keeping environment clean

5. Helping in home activities

6. Economy & Small Saving

7. Vegitables in the food

8. Avoiding wrong friends

9. Avoid talking about others

10. Avoid quarrels

11. Avoid taking leave

12. Optimal playing & TV

13. Punctuality

14. Obeying elders

15. Doing H.W everyday

16. Reading Moral stories

17. Avoid begging from others

18. Contentment

19. Helping others

20. Avoid wasting time

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