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An Art Of Subtraction - ponder and attempt

Courtesy: Kalakad Subramanian

An Art Of Subtraction

- ponder and attempt

I have watched my parents very successfully practice the art of subtraction. It really works. I had Money, Property, Family and so forth. It was a mirage I was living in.

Now I have very little, but I am better off. I thought it would be difficult to 'Let Go'. Nature did it for me. I am grateful for that. People Buy large Cars, Homes and amass wealth. I have come down to a Scooter from a Car, a 1 BHK from a much larger apartment. From a large city to a lesser one and now moving to an even smaller place in the wilderness.

Each time I SUBTRACT I feel better. The Mantra I have learnt is :

"If you wish to be happy, you have to learn to subtract'

The Art Of Subtraction

The tendency of our lives, businesses, art, is to keep adding: more furniture, clothes, gadgets, tasks, appointments, features to websites and apps, words to our writing.

Continual addition is not sustainable or desirable :-

Too many things to do means we’re always busy, with no time for rest, stillness, contemplation, creativity, time with loved ones.

Overwhelming customers with choices means they’re less likely to make an actual choice. They’d prefer that we curate the best.

Too many possessions is clutter, visual stress, cleaning, maintenance, debt, less happiness.

Too many tasks makes it harder to focus on any one thing or get anything done.

Too many things we want to learn means, we never learn anything well.

Subtraction is beautiful: it creates space, time, clarity.

Subtraction is necessary: otherwise we are overburdened.

Subtraction can be painful: it means letting go of a child.

Subtraction is an art that improves with practice.

Subtraction can be practiced on your schedule, task list, commitments list, possessions, reading list, writing, product line, distractions.

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