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Some Kejri jokes

Courtesy: AVR, chennai

Pardon me, the 'new party' supporters????

These jokes have to arrive sooner or later, here are a few:

1. Mr AK is so honest he refuses to have a false ceiling.

2. Mr AK is so honest he wears a helmet while driving his car.

3. Mr.AK is so honest that lie detectors are tested by him.

4. Mr.AK is so honest he doesn't wear underwear coz it has VIP written over it.

5. Mr.AK is so honest that he doesn't have any LIC policy because honesty is the best policy.

6. Mr.AK is so honest he actually calls a policeman to scare his small kid, when he doesn't eat.

7. Mr.AK is so honest he wants to make Sunny Leone the spokesperson of his party because she has nothing to hide.

8. Mr.AK is so honest that when Raja Harishchandra was a kid, his father used to tell him stories about AK.

9. Mr.AK is so honest that the church confesses to him.

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