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Halving Delhi's Power Bills: What is the Truth?

Courtesy: KTR, Chennai

Halving Delhi's Power Bills: What is the Truth?

Kudos to Mr.Arun Agarwal for completely exposing the wrong side of Arvind Kejriwal through his well researched expose. I wish Mr.Arun Agarwal does a similar calculation on free water scheme too. I don't know if I should say, the free power and water by AK was a bribe to the Delhi voter. May be, because I am still an AAP sympathiser, I reserve my opinion in this regard.. May be, they were completely thoughtless decisions.

When AAP humbled Congress in Delhi, like all others, I showered encomiums on AK and AAP and compared their success to Arab Spring and Barak Obama's success as the first coloured. I thought, they made history and I wrote a colourful editorial. I had not studied their manifesto for Delhi elections.

But, when AK made those, what I felt as HORRIFIC and MORALLY WRONG announcements of free power and water, I felt extremely upset and agitated by these rash decisions of AK, and that too, even before he faced the assembly test. I discussed with lot of my friends. Ultimately, I reconciled myself that it was adrenaline of success in Delhi elections which went into his head and made him give those announcements in a hurry and that over a period of time, he will mellow and saner elements in AAP will make collective decisions after due deliberations of long term implications on any issue of governance.

Both those decisions on free power and water were not only morally and economically wrong, they were completely unsustainable, highly damaging of the environment and destroys equity. If only all state governments start following AK policies in this regard, India will head to a disaster.

Even now, I feel that they have brought in a whiff of fresh air and hope with their broom-stick. They should mend their ways and actions and try and lift the society rather than playing to galleries through such cheap schemes. I hope, the green-walas, environmentalists who have joined AAP would ensure financially and environmentally sustainable policies and programs only find a place in their manifesto and in their deeds in future. I also hope that the AAPians will not worship a larger than life AK and bring in a kind of dynasty and make AK into an autocratic leader with humbleness and simplicity as a facades.

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