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Effective Communication

Courtesy: KTR,chennai

Effective Communication

You might have experienced misunderstanding in family or official/business life on several occasions.

The reason is obvious that either of the person didn't state his/her stance in clear fashion or perceive it clearly.

So where does the fault lie and how can we improve?

Let us study the recommendations below and see which need to be considered by Communicator or Listener in order to have a solid common understanding and avoid communication gaps.

1. Improve vocabulary: Every word has its own deep meanings. For example there is a difference between 'Hate' and 'Dislike'. Likewise, there is a difference between 'Should' and 'Must'. To enhance vocabulary you should learn new words and understand the meanings of synonyms and antonyms as well. You can use online dictionaries or built-in features of MS Word (right click on a word to know synonyms/antonyms.)

2. Listen carefully and listen more. If you listen more you are absorbing more and improving your level of comprehension. If you speak more you are on the verge of confusing others. So listen more and speak less. And when you speak, speak slowly and softly. Ask if you have communicated clearly or more elaboration is required.

3. If you don't understand something, ask for elaboration/clarification?. It is said that "If you doubt at first, doubt again and clear it"

4. Put yourself in others' shoes to understand their perspective. Think win-win. Analyze the situation from everyone's perspective. Consider all the stake holders and consider their emotions.

5. If you are writing Emails/Letters/Fax then re-read after you are done with typing. Considering point-4 while you review your article. You can ask someone to comment on what you have written.

6. Avoid harsh words to avoid bad taste: For example instead of saying 'Rejected' use the word 'Not Approved'. When you say No, you should sound as if you wanted to say Yes but due to specific issue you can't say yes. So if that issue is addressed, you will be saying Yes and Approved.

7. Avoid too many arguments. Convince or get convinced. If things gets complicated, take a break engage some well-wishers to assist resolve the matter.


Effective Communication is an indication of your wisdom and maturity level and is critically important to enhance your personal and professional relationship. Developing this habit will improve your bonds with your friends, colleagues and family members so start working on this, starting today!

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