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Here are 9 ways to bring more life into your everyday life.

Courtesy: PKV, Bangalore

Here are 9 ways to bring more life into your everyday life.

1. Let go of the daily TV routine.

In a world of PVR capability, take advantage of the technology, take control of your TV time. If you work Monday to Friday, limit TV time to Friday and Saturday nights. Get caught up on the weeks shows if you must, and focus the time to specific nights where you wont jeopardize your morning wake up for work the next day.

2. Work out every day.

Be it a 10 minute stretch, or a full on 2 hour, sweat dropping routine. Our bodies need to move, we are not meant to be sedentary. Experts are claiming that Sitting is the new smoking our day jobs sitting at a desk is killing us just as fast as smoking cigarettes.

3. Dont beat yourself up for not working out every day.

Remember the rollercoaster, well sometimes its time to get off. A day off from eating right, or working out embodies the idea of change. The catch to this one though, is to pick yourself up and get back to eating right and working out, the next day the longer you delay, the less likelihood of getting back into that healthy routine.

4. Get some sleep.

As a society, we are running hard every day. We feel we need to do more, and sleep less. In reality, we should do less and sleep more. For our bodies to regenerate properly, we need 7 to 8 hours of solid sleep every night. Without the right amount of sleep, we cant process our foods correctly, cant heal our bodies in a timely fashion, causing added stress, compounding the problem keeping us awake.

5. Unplug.

We are a connected society now, constantly checking emails, Facebook, Twitter. Why is it so important to know what Ashton Kutcher is saying on twitter now what does it matter what friend is eating what and posting to Facebook. Im not saying drop them completely, but much like Television, limit your intake. Take 10minutes each morning, 10minutes at lunch and then again after work. Otherwise, close it off. If its a big enough deal, youll hear about it in the morning. If its truly a personal issue, have them call you. Not only will you have more personal time, youll likely have less anxiety caused by other s need to vent negative feelings.

6. Look at everything in the positive light.

Too often we fall into the trap of complaining. Things we dont have, things we dont get. Enough with the donts focus on the dos. What DO you have, what DO you get. Life is not fair, but it does all equal out in the end, so be grateful for what you have, not what you dont have. Negative energy sucks the life out of you, positive energy enlightens, drives you forward.

7. Spend quality time with your loved ones.

Stop the rat race one night a week, and sit down for dinner together. If you are fortunate enough, go to a nice restaurant, something simple and quiet. Or if you prefer, stay home, but keep it simple. The idea is for everyone to take the time and catch up the old fashioned way (talking face to face), while not stressing over the chore associated with a meal. We need human connection (thats why Facebook, Twitter etc. are hugely popular), however the virtual connection you get with Facebook etc. is a false perception. Its like sugar, empty calories that has a quick jolt of satisfaction, but leaves you feeling empty after the crash.a

8. Surround yourself with the right people.

Much like it is hard to say no to eating chocolate if you work at a chocolate factory, not picking up on negativity if you hand around negative people is almost impossibility. Surround yourself with positive people, enforcing the gratitude for life will help you when you are down, and bring you more happiness than you thought possible.

9. Travel the world.

Earth is a beautiful planet, with an infinite range of possibilities to explore. Some people never leave their own country, let alone perhaps their town or city. Expand your experiences to other cultures, other lifestyles. You will truly learn to appreciate the simpler aspects of life, and re-evaluate what you do.

Life is short, make the most of it while you are here. Being fit and healthy ensures that the time you do have is spent in enjoyment. We are meant to be happy, our soul yearns for it. Get started today on changing your life for the better, but remember, you are Human, so its OK to get off the ride from time to time, just remember to get back on, or risk falling into the abyss.

What is one thing you could do today to bring more life into your life? What is one thing you could to to make you feel more alive and in touch with your heart and soul? You can share your comment by joining the conversation below

P K Venkataraman

3 stages of life

Teen age - Has Time and Energy - But no money

Working age - Has Money and Energy - But No time

Old Age - Has money and time - But no energy.

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