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Professions & name

Courtesy: Thyagarajan, chennai

Hilarious !!!

Hi there, This is an absolute rib-tickler !! If Parsis can have their name as per the profession, why can't we have it? (After all we are not Britishers to have Barber, Cook, Side Bottom, etc...)

Doctor – Vaidyanathan ; Dentist -- Pallavan Lawyer -- Kesavan North Indian Lawyer -- Panjabakesan Financier -- Dhanasekaran Cardiologist -- Irudhayaraj Pediatrist – Kuzhandaisamy Marriage Counselor -- Kalyanasundaram Ophthalmologist --Kannayiram ENT Specialist -- Neelakandan Diabetologist -- Sakkarapani Nutritionist -- Arogyasamy Hypnotist -- Sokkalingam Mentalist -- Budhisikamani Exorcist – Maatruboodham; Magician -- Mayandi Builder -- Sengalvarayan Painter -- Chitraguptan Meteorologist -- Kaarmegam Agriculturist -- Pachaiyappan Horticulturist -- Pushpavanam Landscaper -- Bhuminathan Barber -- Kondaiappan Beggar -- Pichai Bartender -- Madhusudhan Alcoholic -- Kallapiraan Exhibitionist -- Ambalavaanan Fiction writer -- Naavalan Makeup Man -- Singaram Milk Man -- Paul Raj Dairy Farmer -- Pasupathi Dog Groomer -- Naayagan Snake Charmer -- Nagamurthi Mountain Climber -- Yezhumalai Javelin Thrower -- Velayudam Polevaulter -- Thaandavarayan Weight Lifter -- Balaraman Sumo Wrestler -- Gundu Rao Karate Expert -- Kailaasam Kick Boxer -- Ethiraj Batsman -- Dhandiappan Bowler -- Balaji Spin Bowler -- Thirupathi Female Spin Bowler -- Thirupura Sundari Driver -- Sarathy Attentive Driver --Parth​asarathy Dental college......''Pal.. kaLai..kazhgam, ''பல்''..''களை '' கழகம் லேன்ட்.lord ..பூமிநாதன் Dancemaster ....nataraj

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