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Courtesy: Chithra Jha, trainers forum

Two Good Legs and Arms --posted by jaederque on May 7, 2013

Yesterday, I met a delightful woman at a work event. As we talked, she shared about her childhood in Manila, Philippines. She spoke about the way her culture values their elders, and she explained that children are reared from the time of birth to honor and respect people older than themselves.

It was refreshing to hear, and I so enjoyed listening and learning. Here is the memory she shared that I found so beautiful:

When she was growing up, her father had three jobs to care for his family. She said her dad never complained, and though he worked very hard, he always had time for them. One day, her father was injured at his full time job. For several months, he was mailed temporary disability checks while he recovered.

When her father was able to return to his full time job, he took all those disability checks that were sent to him while he was recovering and handed them back to the company. He told them that he had two good legs and arms, and did not need this money. He told them to give the money to people who could not work. To people who really needed it. The woman telling the story was a little girl at that time. She had accompanied her father that very day he went back to his company with all those unopened checks. "My father is my hero," she remarked. Lowering her voice, she said she will never forget what he did, and what an inspiration and impactful mentor he was on how to live life. From my interaction with her, it was very apparent that her father's same sweet spirit had been passed down to this woman, and to her family.

H20130533_inspirationearing this story was so refreshing to my soul. I hope it is for you too. --

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