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A nice overview of Chinese aggression and Indians

Courtesy: Viji, trainers forum

The Chinese aggression and Indian preparedness to counter it is a long standing open question. I had spend some time on it last year - reading about political strengths, military strengths, public willingness to get into conflict, etc.. My personal conclusions were::

1. Indian Military-

A bloated corrupt force - specially on the top, General more interested in building golf courses than shooting range going by the latest trends.

Arcane systems dating from feudal era which is leading to disenchantment- specially among the jawanscoupled with poor redress systems against officers, is a disaster ticking to happen.

Indian military hardware - mostly bought overseas - is not reliable.Massive kickbacks have lead to inferior material in poorly serviced conditions.

Every year - with amazing regularity a couple of big ammo dumps are getting blown-up/burnt. This again is a tactic by the embezzlers to cover up purchasing of inferior material.

Moreover the Indian Military as a fighting force has not yet proved itself against a matched enemy. Except for Bangladesh Liberation - against a logistically ill-supplied force they have nothing to show for in past 65 years.

And most of all the military always tries to rest its failures on the political wing - legends of army having won and politicians having lost. Which on deeper study of independent sources turns out to be a farce.

2. Indian Political Wing

No will to take things to the sordid end if need be. An unnatural tendency to be the next peace messiah aka Mahatma. Even the center-right represented by Atal BV as PM turned out to be the same.

The left's tendency to go against national interests in the name of platonic ideals.

The right's tendency to pass resolutions - as shown in this mail - but not taking the next step. Moreover once in positions of power / close to powerchanging their intents and actions overnight.

3. Indian Populace

Majority struggling for a meaningful sustenance. so far removed from ongoing border conflicts. neither has time nor interests to indulge in these questions.

Gets pumped up in face of serious onslaughtsbut lack s long term perseverance needed to change things for a better future.

Minimal pride in its identity as a nation - which leads to a weak collective reaction on national security questions, specially to situations not immediately affecting them.

These coupled with a dramatically superior antagonist in the form of the Chinese nation and Chinese people it is a grim situation indeed in case the Chinese decide to press on with their aggression..

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