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Look For The Blessing

Courtesy: D.Ganapathy, Mumbai

Look For The Blessing

Excerpt from May You Be Blessed by Kate Nowak

Two women who had been friends for years but had lost touch ran into each other while out shopping one day. In an effort to catch the other up on her life, one of the women said, "We were blessed with fire in the attic last year. The fire didn't destroy that much, but the water and smoke damage was extensive."

"Why that is terrible!" the other woman replied.

"Oh, no! It was a real blessing," the first woman countered. "You see, the house had been in my husband's family for years and was badly in need of renovation. The fire forced us into doing what we'd been putting off, and once all the repair work was done and we were able to move back in, it was just like moving into a brand new home."

"Oh, I see. I guess that was a blessing after all,� the other woman agreed.

"A big one. Then another blessing came when my husband, Jack, tripped over some wire left by one of the contractors and broke his leg in three places."

"Oh, come on now. How could that be a blessing?" the astonished friend asked.

"Because while we were at the hospital getting his leg set, a tornado came and blew the house away."

"Oh, no!" the friend declared, and then a moment later added, "Okay, I understand you were spared, but losing your home like that, why that's nothing short of tragic! I frankly don't see where you find the blessing."

"But that was the biggest blessing of all, you see, because after we cleared away the debris left by the storm, we found a small underground cellar where my husband's grandfather had secretly kept an antique coin collection worth a sizeable fortune. We always knew there was a collection and that it was valuable, but until that tornado revealed it to us, no one ever knew where it was. Now we're rich!"

Lesson: Even those experiences we deem calamitous can carry the seeds of a greater blessing. It is often only in retrospect however, that the benefit reveals itself. And whether or not it reveals itself and how quickly it does so, is dependent upon only one thing: our own individual perspective. We determine whether something will be a blessing or a curse by the way we choose to see it.

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