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Courtesy: Chithra Jha, Trainers forum

The present times are paradoxical in more ways than one; but one particular area where the paradox is most apparent is the area of FOOD....:)

Yes, on one hand we hear of shortage of food; but on the other hand our food-stores are overflowing with bottled, packaged, canned, carton-ed, frozen and fresh foodstuff. All kinds of imported and desi foodstuffs vie for shelf space.

On the one hand, we talk about escalating food prices and on the other hand our shopping baskets/ pantries/ refrigerators overflow with food stuff.

Every nook and corner of our cities has more than one eatery; more and more people are eating out- splurging more on food.

We gorge ourselves on extra food and then look for ways to lose weight.

We expend our energy on digesting the extra food that we eat and then pop in energy enhancing boosters.

We don’t have time (and inclination) to prepare healthy food and then we lament about everyone being hooked to junk food.

We buy, consume, store and throw more food than ever. But how can we resolve this paradox? How can we come out of this box? The solution is very simple. We have to start ‘thinking’ and asking the right questions.

For starters, let us ask ourselves, "why do I buy and store so much food stuff when there is no shortage of food in the market; nothing is going to run away or fly off the shelves? Why do I need to eat so much and store it in my body, when it can easily be stored outside it? Why do I eat when I am not even hungry? What need of mine am I feeding? What emptiness am I filling with food?"

Chitra Jha
Holistic Healer
Passionate Speaker
Thought Provoker
Self-Empowerment Coach

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