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Money Making Myths…Busted!!!

Courtesy: AVR, chennai

Money Making Myths…Busted!!!

’Study hard, you will have a rich future!’, ‘Work hard, you will have money to burn!’; similar to these two sayings, there are many more sayings which the Indians are very much used to. No one knows who wrote these lines, but almost everyone tries to implement all these. Being Indian, no one can say that they haven’t tried to implement all these ideas. May not be for a longer period of time, but at least once in their lives, they must have tried all these.However, most of these sayings are totally deceiving and ends up bringing no good to anyone. Here is the list of 7 such sayings which has been misleading the minds over the past centuries as reported by ‘’.

‘Money brings money.’ As it has been already said, business is all about serving the customers. The more proficiently one fulfills the needs of the customer, the more success he will taste in his life. Most of the millionaires in the rich league started their business career from scraps and not with money. Even the richest person in today’s world started earning money by selling gums from doors to doors.

’I'm waiting for the right time.’ ‘Time and tide waits for none!’. Despite of knowing this, people usually waits for the right time to start up with. Time is precious and can never be categorized as right or wrong. Beating the odds, one can achieve success. Most of the successful people’s stories reveal that they started when everyone was against them. If they would have wasted their time in convincing everyone to support them, today ‘Microsoft’ and ‘Dell’ would have been a myth.

‘Time made it hard to become a millionaire now.’ Business doesn’t means to sell something or just to trade with something. Business means serving the customers, making them happy, taking care of their investments. Time has nothing to do in bringing wealth into anyone’s wallet. The increasing number of millionaires in today’s world proves this. No doubt, with the advancement of technology, the competition has increased but at the same time, using the same technology one can serve the needs of customers in a more decent and an easier way. ‘’ can be a better example in this regard.

’Age doesn’t permit me.’ Warren Buffet is the person who is ruling the recent list of the richest people. Buffet is crossed 82 and will be stepping on 83 by August, 2013. Also, Mark Zuckerberg is mere a 26 years billionaire and so is the other co-founder of Facebook, Dustin Moskovitz. Where do age problem arises? It’s not the age but the way one works, which makes them rich. When it’s work, there can’t be any age. One should have the spirit to work and not the wrinkles in their faces to retire from work.

‘Select the best way, make more money.’ When it comes to work, nothing can be categorized as good or bad; work is work. At present, people like bankers, software giants, medical professionals, consultants, retail marketers, etc. has been occupying the places in the list of the rich people. Except having money, more and more money, there are no other criteria which can label someone as a millionaire or billionaire. In the league of the rich people, there are people who are related into a single sector and also there are people who are related to multiple sectors.

’Education makes people rich.’ Education can enhance one’s knowledge but it can’t make someone rich. If this would have been the reality, the list of the rich people in the world would have had all the names of the professors and the lecturers of the top colleges. Education can show the way but one has to choose their own way with their own experience. In today’s list of the richest people, there are several names that don’t even have a basic graduation and are dropouts from colleges. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Li and Michael Dell are some of the examples in this list.

‘Work hard, earn more.’ This is one of the most common sayings. Whether in home or in school or in colleges or it be in workplace, this is the first ‘money’ lesson. If this would have been the reality, the person carrying a load of hundred of kilos on his back would have been the richest man in this planet today. Money has nothing to do with how hard one is working. Money is the result of how proficient one person is at his job. The way they completes their task, the amount of time they saves while completing their tasks makes money and not the amount of hard work they does.

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