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two can play at a game

Courtesy: PK, Trainers forum

Fine sunny day after a cold spell

Two can play at a game.
This business of kindness.

Everyone admonishes to be kind. Let love and compassion shine forth through you and all that. Fine. I am greatly happy to see that we have at least graduated to think of kindness as an attribute to cultivate. When I look back at the psychological state of humans in the Middle Ages, not to speak of many cultures which are still suck there, we have to give credit to humanity for opening this Vibration into our thoughts and lives.

Kindness already exists in us. Just see how people behave when their interests are in play. Show someone that he has much to gain through you and you will be overwhelmed with kindness, attention and solicitous gifts. You will also see these gifts evaporate in a whiff of smoke the moment your tap tends to dry up. The other side of the coin is equally prevalent. Humans will be sarcastic, brutal and sadistically hurtful if they feel their interests are protected by this action and specially so if the other party is in no position to defend. Then, considering the degree of helplessness, the vehemence varies.

Unfortunately I wonder how just speaking about it will help. We are made of dual possibilities. Most of the triggers are deeply imbedded in our subconscious and directly activated by the Cosmic Forces.

It is absolutely undeniable in my book that the conscious mind cannot really control anything as instinctive as the need to show-off and vindictiveness.

I am quite clear about how to bring about change in human reactions. We have to inculcate this concept in children when they are still absorbing without judging and then the subconscious will act as its own witness and brake. We need to inoculate the children against the thoughts of hurting by repeatedly repeating to the child that hurting others only brings revengeful actions and reactions and that this hurts them back in the long run. This philosophy should be in their waking consciousness at all times.

Unfortunately our examples leave much to be desired. And let us cut out, with immediate effect all the show of violence we are subjecting our children to and encouraging them to play at it as if it is alright. We are doing the opposite of what is so ardently required.

There is much to be said to instill the idea like: Two can play at a game.

There is no certainty what & how the trigger to a feeling will happen. In our hidden corners are memories and images that make us react in funny ways. So First let us learn to look within, take a little more detachment in our stride; it is easier said than done.

So I repeat my earlier statement:

Everything has a place and normally speaking is in its place. It is just the cruelty aspect. We can always be more humane and avoid killing wherever it is not really part of the natural food chain. Why be unkind, careless or abrasive just to prove a point that you can afford to be so and there is nobody who can touch you in any way. If this is not an exercise in arrogance, what is? The same philosophy goes into everything for example: bringing up the child. Just don’t be cruel because you can be and are in a position to be.

Thanks and Regards
PK(Pradeep Kr Maheshwari)- S164-GK1.

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