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Interesting Internet Links

Yoga teacher @ 98 years - AVR, Chennai

It is a great tribute and salutation to the author of Yoga from ancient India, Pathanjali Maharishi. What majority Indians have forgotten, westerners are practising devotedly and reaping huge benefits.Let's take it to our heart seriously!

- A.V.Ramanathan

Crisis Management= Ratan Tata Way - excellent case study

Nobody has faced as much crisis and challenges in their lives as Ratan Tata has and the fact is that no one has handled these crisis with as much poise, integrity, values and courage as him.

Even in situations where his values, beliefs & character has been severely challenged and tested he has exhibited patience, courage & respect for the authority.

Presenting The case study of Crisis Management from Ratan Tata .


A Cup of Coffee on The Wall

a cup of coffee on the wall! a novel idea of serving the needy ones with dignity is in practice in the city of Venice.... an eyeopener story as recd. from a friend of mine is posted in my site ...

Let us try to emulate the gesture here in our city too if possible... let us click the link and read and share this story without fail...

AVR, Chennai

No One Can Hurt Us Without Our Consent

No one can hurt us without our consent.... we have heard about it... But then we need reminders from time to time !!!... a story on Abraham Lincoln is linked up and posted in my site for reading and sharing with like minded people.

pl click the link and read further...


Unique traits of successful personalities

traits of successful personalities are worth reading and remembering at all times.... few such tacts and traits are linkedup and posted in my site for you to read and share with your loved ones.....

pl click the link and see...


courtesy: AVR, chennai

Taj Mahal - 3D panorama

courtesy: AVR, Chennai

Innovative Science project takes an INDIAN Student to USA

an indian girl student from Karnataka has been selected for participating in Internatioal Science Competition at Houston USA the age of 17 her innovative Project Papers are much talked about in Research circles...

pl click the link and see further....


courtesy: AVR, Chennai

Inspiring Story of a School Dropout

A True and inspiring story of a person who was a school drop out securing a Doctorate and becoming a Professor in a college....would you like to read further about this story ?

pl click the link above and read... also share with tour loved ones.....


AVR, Chennai

படித்ததில் பிடித்தது ….மகாபெரியவரின் கணித விளக்கம் !

When Mahaperiavar explains the link between Jeevathma and Paramathma with the help of mathematical tools , one wonders about HIS indepth knowledge of Mathematics ....

and also how HE has used the mathematical equations for explaining a purely spritual message .... pl click the link and see for yourself...


courtesy: AVR, Chennai

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