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Modi Vs Ragul

Courtesy: Vijayaragavan, Coimbatore

Biodata - very impressive. Courtesy: Raman

Real Name Narendra Damodardas Modi Raul Vinci (Passport Name)
D.O.B. 17 September 1950 19 June 1970 (43 Years youth!)
Place of Birth Vadnagar,Gujrat Delhi
Citizenship Indian Italian. As per Italian law a child born anywhere in the world is Italian when it’s mother is an Italian during it’s birth. Sonia applied for Indian citizenship only in 1983 >> 1970.
Religion Hinduism Wikipedia is silent!
Qualification for PM post Master’s degree in Political Science from Gujrat University *Joined St. Stephens College to do undergraduate in 1989
*Moved to Harvard in Donors quota
*Sent back from Harvard in 3 months
*Joined Rollins college to do do B.A.
*Claims M.Phil from Trinity College,Cambridge
Experience * As a teenager Modi used to run a tea stall with his brother *Volunteered to serve the soldiers in transit at railway stations in 1960s during Indo-Pak war *Social service through organizations viz., Akhil Bharathiya Vidhya Parishad, RSS etc. *CM of Gujrat since 2001 *Member of Nehru Family
Story Worker to Leader story Born with a silver spoon
Inspiration Swami Vivekananda ????????
Political Ideology Cultural nationalism. Justice to all. Appeasement to none. Minority appeasement through Secularism.
Response to Terrorism “Terrorism is worse than a war. A terrorist has no rules. A terrorist decides when, how, where and whom to kill. India has lost more people in terror attacks than in its wars.” - Narendra Modi * Increase in police power, use of cutting edge technologies. “Hindu extremists are a great threat than Muslim militants” – Rahul to US Ambassdor Timothy J. Roerner "It is very difficult to stop every single terrorist attack. The idea is that we have to fight terrorism at the local level. We have improved in leaps and bounds. But terrorism is something that it is impossible to stop all the time." - RahulGandhi
Style of Governance Minimum Government, Maximum Governance Not applicable
Speech Excellent Orator in Hindi and Gujrathi Excellent Reader of written speeches
Achievements *Uninterrupted electricity in Gujrat *Industrial development in Gujrat *Gutkca ban in Gujrat *Visited dalit houses and had meals *Member of the Parliament *Won praise from Manmohan Singh and Dig Vijay Singh for his capability to

To get a job in a company you will be judged on so many parameters. But for PM Post Congress and English media want Rahul. They say development should not be at the cost of “Secularism” and keep yelling on 2002 riots. They remain silent on ethnic cleansing of 4 lakh Kashmiri pundits, 1984 Sikh riots in which 4000 sikhs were killed and many more, all in Congress regime. They forget to highlight that Gujarat has moved on since 2002 and remains a peaceful place and role model for India.

If terrorism, corruption and poverty are the main problems that our nation is facing, who should take the blame for it squarely? Congress which has ruled the nation for 60 years or BJP led NDA which could last only for 6 years at the centre?

Indians judge yourself and decide who should be your PM in 2014. Circulating this is your option.

R. Vijayaraghavan

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