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Courtesy: AVR, Chennai

21st January, 2013: MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY

It is a national holiday here today in the USA, Martin Luther King (MLK) day. He delivered the historical speeches that defined the American Civil Rights’ movement 50 years ago and it is such poetic justice that America is today inaugurating the second term of an African American President, Obama, who has come to symbolize the progress that the country has made from the dark days of slavery and the horrible period of racial injustice. Atlanta has a MLK Center. He was buried here. MLK drew much inspiration from the Gandhian methods.Indeed, there is a Gandhi room at the MLK Center and a full-life statue of Mohandas Gandhi also welcomes the visitor at the entry to the center. Every year, there is a MLK march.

Courtesy: Venkat Narayan, USA

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