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Osprey - the ultimate fisher

Courtesy: KTR, Chennai


This is truly an incredible video.

Hard to believe this Osprey got 5-6 fish at a time and then got a flounder under 3 feet of water and made off with what looks to be a 5+ lbs. steelhead.

Have you ever seen a bird shake water off like a dog does?

Wouldn't want to get in its way when its eyes are locked onto you and his talons in the "load" position!

Its talons are amazing!

There are 3 sequences in this one video:

1st sequence - catches half a dozen fish in one strike.

2nd sequence - plunges talons into deep water to grab the prey.

3rd sequence - captures a big old fish that looks as if it weighs more than he does!

This is incredible to watch!

With warm Regards,

K. Thiagarajan, KTR (A to Z),

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